Ollie Bowls Stories: Peggy and Luna

Ollie Bowls Stories: Peggy and Luna
In our second part of our Ollie Bowl stories, we’re happy to feature @peggyandluna ❤️ read all about it here ⬇️

“Everything tastes 100x times better in an @ollie.bowls .

Ollie bowls, also known as the great food throne 👑 Peggy’s (and mahms) most favorite item in the house (besides the treat box hehe) Why? Because @ollie.bowls are:

Super strong and durable. The bowls have silicone bases to make sure that you don’t spill it over while trying to dig for more food 😉

Our fave feature about the bowl is that it keeps water cold! If you’re one floofy bear that gets hot easily, cold water is must. And an Ollie Bowl can stay cold for hours! 🤤 🧊 (not to mention it also serves as a mini swimming pool)

What mahm loves about the bowls is that they’re so easy to clean. A lifesaver. Plus they come in really cute colors 🥰

An Ollie Bowl is a must have for every dog paw-rent. Best decision ever.”