Ollie Bowl Stories: Teo

Ollie Bowl Stories: Teo
In our third feature of “Ollie Bowl stories” we have the adorable, floofy, @floofballteo 💙

🐾 Double walled, stainless steel bowls
The reason why I wanted to try Ollie Bowls in the first place was so that Teo can have cool water for longer times, especially when he's out in the garden.

Truly enough, this bowl keeps his water cool outside for a good 2 hours! I'd say it's a fair amount of time since I end up changing Teo's water whenever it gets dirty 🤪 Even when we left out the bowl with water almost the entire afternoon, it never got warm/hot either.

Since it's Teo's fave bowl now, we also use it upstairs (especially needed when we give him treats/chews before bedtime). In the aircon, the water stays nice and cold throughout the night. Good thing Teo has good control of his bladder because he's been drinking more water lately!

🐾 With a no-slip silicone base

A feature that I appreciated more than I thought I would was the bowl's silicone base.

Since Teo is tall, I put his bowls on a stool for him to reach easily. We use a scrap of table mat to keep the bowl from moving around too much - but with Ollie Bowl's silicone base, it isn't necessary anymore! Bye bye to Teo stealing these scraps and tearing them into bits 😱

🐾 Comes in fun variations & customizable

First impressions: Visually, so stylish! Love this color - and there were lots of fun ones to choose from! Plus we had ours customized with Teo's name on it.

Practically, from the moment I picked it up - big (we got the larger size, 64oz), light, and durable. It's an investment product that so far seems to be worth it with Teo ignoring his old water bowls now 😅


After using it, this bowl is easy-to-clean and has substantial capacity. We haven't tested this with food - but having cool water for our sammy, especially on hot days, already makes this worth the price tag!