Made with your pet in mind

At Ollie Bowls, we want nothing but the best for your pet. Explore our fully customizable double walled stainless steel bowls, exclusive mats and slow feeders.

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Our Neutrals Collection

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Guess what? We customize mats now!

Send us an existing artwork, or have our artists make one for you! Customize your mats for that extra touch of cuteness!

  • Customization of dreams!

    Our customization fee is inclusive of up to 2 free pawtraits of your pet drawn out by our 6 talented partner artists! Logos or even special fonts, we can do it all for you!

  • Made with your pet in mind

    Nothing but the best for your pet! Our bowls are made of food grade double wall stainless steel making our bowls even more durable. The anti-slip silicone base keeps the bowl in place. Goodbye mess!

  • Cold water!

    Thanks to the double wall material, our bowls keep water longer for 20% longer than the average dog bowl!

  • Easy to clean

    Cleaning up is the hard part, so why make it harder? Our stainless steel bowl material makes it easier to clean; and our mat helps keep the mess intact. Did we mention THE MAT has a matte, leather-like finish that makes it 100% waterproof?

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The Ultimate Ollie Bowl Size Guide

Finding the perfect bowl size for your pet can get confusing, so we've prepared the ultimate guide to get you started.


Customize your pets face onto your Ollie Bowl!

Send us a photo of your pet.

We draw it out for you and engrave it onto your Ollie Bowl!

  • Pup Feast: Dogs Get the Ultimate Treat with Ollie Bowls

    "While not every family member can appreciate their meals on tabletops, your furry friend gets their own royal treatment with Ollie Bowls"

  • 10 Fresh Finds to Add to Cart This May

    “Pet parents, while you’ve no doubt been spoiling yourself all summer long, we bet your cats and dogs have also enjoyed the numerous out-of-town trips and weekend adventures. So if you’d like to include them on your next shopping spree, too, why not grab them a cute new pet bowl from local brand Ollie Bowls?”

  • In Conversation With Pet Parent and Entrepreneur

    Especially for your pet

    "What further sets Ollie Bowls apart from the usual in the market are the wide range of colors to choose from and their offerings for customization."

  • 9 Pet Essentials for a Fur Parent’s Baby

    "Studies have shown that stainless steel bowls are less prone to harboring bacteria in comparison to ceramic and plastic ones. Ollie Bowls has a double-wall stainless steel bowl for pets to make sure their food stays clean and at their preferred temperature."

  • Nana Nadal: The Four-Legged COO

    According to Ollie, there’s nothing like their product in the market today. He guarantees them to be the best because he designed them for his own use and he wouldn’t attach his name to a product that’s no good. After all, his standards are high and his taste is impeccable.

  • PawpLife: Golden Retriever Parent Turned ‘Ollie Bowls’ Business Founder

    "With the double-walled stainless steel, the water is kept cool a bit longer and the anti-slip base makes the bowl more stable (and avoid flying kibble). The bowl is also deeper and wider than usual, so you can carry water in the bowl without spilling.

  • Business Mirror: Catering to fur babies

    What’s fun about Ollie Bowls is they are customizable. Customers can choose from a variety of different fonts. But they are not limited to just names—they may also opt to have their logo laser-engraved like what several restaurant clients have requested.

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The Mat: 100% Waterproof, 100% Cute