Frequently Asked Questions

About our bowls:

1. What is double wall stainless steel?

Double wall stainless steel means what you think it does! There are two "walls" of  stainless steel separated by air. The two walls act as a "barrier" to prevent heat transfer. This is how our bowls keep water colder for longer than the average bowl! It is 18/8 anti-puncture stainless steel, which mare our bowls super durable. Lastly, our stainless steel material makes clean up so much easier! 

2. What does the silicone base do?

Our silicone base is meant to give the bowl more stability and make it slip less. Please note that the silicone base is more effective on certain floorings than others. 

3. Are Ollie Bowls dishwasher friendly?

Ollie Bowls are dishwasher friendly BUT we highly recommend that you hand wash your Ollie Bowl to maintain its quality. The heat from the dishwasher may affect the bowl. 

4. How should I care for my bowls?

Wash your bowl after every use with cold soapy water. Dry your bowls COMPLETELY with a towel. Keep your bowls in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping the bowl face down on the sink or any surface to prevent any moisture build up. 

5. Is the bowl for water only?

No! Our bowl can be used for anything: kibble, water, raw food or even ice cream! Get creative! We'd love to see how you use your Ollie Bowls for your furry friend! 

 6. What if my bowls rust? 

Stainless steel is naturally subjected to rust. Ollie Bowls is not liable for rusting on the bowl as it is directly caused by the care of the bowl. We recommend that you always wash your bowl with pet friendly soap and water and let dry completely. Please always keep it in a cool and dry place.


1. How much is customization?

We offer customization at a fixed rate of PHP 500.

2. Can I only engrave a name? 

No! You can opt to engrave a special logo. Just type  your pets name  instead of a name in the "Customize it!" section of the product. Once you checkout, send the logo you want with your name and order number to

3. Why is there a character limit in the customization?

Due to the curvature of the bowl, our customization is limited. But shoot us a message and we’ll make your dream bowl work! 

4. I want to change my customization design, can I do it? 

You have 3 hours from your order confirmation to change your customization. We process our orders immediately to ensure we get your bowls to you right away! 



1. What are your lead times for delivery?

Metro Manila is 2-5 business days. Provincial is 3-10 business days depending on the location. 

    2. What courier do you use for delivery?

    We use GogoExpress for our deliveries. 

    3. I'm located in Metro Manila, can I pick up my order by a third party courier? 

    Unfortunately at the moment, we can not accommodate pick-ups. 



    1. Can I cancel my order?

    You have 3 hours to cancel your order.

    2. Can I change my order after I've checked out? 

    You can change your order up to 3 hours after placing it. 

    3. Can I return my bowl? 

    No, in line with Covid safety protocols. We can not take returns of the bowl once used.

    4. Can I change my bowl for another color? 

    You can change the color of your bowl 3 hours after placing your order. We cannot take exchanges once the bowl has been delivered.