The Ultimate Ollie Bowl Size Guide

The Ultimate Ollie Bowl Size Guide

When we say there's an Ollie Bowl for everyone, we really mean everyone! This is your official guide to finding the perfect Ollie Bowl size for your pet.


First things first, here's a quick rundown of dimensions for each of our bowl sizes:

Ollie Bowl dimensions


Now that you've got our bowls down to the inches, it's time to find the perfect size for your furbaby.


Mini (24oz)

Pets and the Ollie Bowl Mini

The Ollie Bowl Mini is perfect for pomeranians, chihuahuas, terriers (yorkie size), and even cats, rabbits, and birds!


Small/Medium (32oz)

Pets with the Small/Medium Ollie Bowl

This one's perfect for the pets in between, like poodles, bichons, frenchies, beagles, schnauzers, terriers (JRT size), and the like!


Medium/Large (64oz)

Pets and the Medium/Large Ollie Bowl

Our biggest bowl is perfect for American bullies, pitbulls, samoyeds, huskies, golden retrievers, great danes, and the like!


You're all set! Head to the shop and get your pets the bowls they deserve. Still got questions? Email us at, or send us a message on Instagram @ollie.bowls!