Ollie Bowl Stories: Nergi

Ollie Bowl Stories: Nergi

It is so incredibly heartwarming to listen to your stories on how our Ollie Bowls have changed your dog’s life. We’re honored to introduce the first of our new segment “Ollie Bowls Stories”, featuring  

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“I didn't think that finding the perfect bowl for Nergi was going to be a challenge. I've tried the standard stainless bowl with rubber grip, silicone mats, plastic bowl, self-refilling water bowl, or anti-splash water bowl.

Then finally I came across a nice looking stainless bowl which I can personalize. 😂 While (admittedly) Ollie bowl was expensive compared to the rest, I NEVER REGRETTED getting it.

🌟 For one, it looked soooo snazzy and sturdy with it's double-walled, brushed-metal finish. It does keep the water cool for a couple of hours compared to the standard stainless bowl I used before.

🌟 Being a flat-nosed dog, Nergi has a tendency to push food away causing it to spill over the wall. But with Ollie, it has enough height and space for Nergi to vacuum his food around. The silicone bottom grip keeps the bowl in place and the curved bottlom edges of the inner wall helps Nergi pick up food easily without making so much mess.

🌟 An unexpected benefit that I noticed after using Ollie is how it improved Nergi's skin. 🤯 He used to get pimples around his muzzle with the plastic anti-splash water bowl he used before. It was such a nightmare to clean because I often had to crack open the floating disc to dispense the water and algae it collected. 🤮🤮🤮 Additionally, some articles have claimed plastic bowls are susceptible to harboring bacteria. That's when I finally decided to shift to Ollie bowl.

True enough, the pimples around his muzzle lessened and hardly gets them anymore. 💖💖💖


Speaking for myself, I got what I paid for with Ollie and is THE BEST DOG BOWL I've used so far.” - @nergidog 💜