Collection: The Slow Feeder

Pop this slow feeding in your Ollie Bowl to slow the speed at which your furbaby eats his/her food! This highly durable slow feeder is perfect for meal times as it's easy to remove and clean! You don't need a slow feeder bowl, just the Slow Feeder from Ollie Bowls! 

Benefits of The Slow Feeder: 

 Slows down the rate at which your furbaby eats: allows your furbaby to digest food more effectively and reduces chance of bloat. 

 Mentally stimulating: the puzzle like design of our Slow Feeder makes mealtimes mentally stimulating! 

 Easy to remove: just pop the Slow Feeder in your bowl during meal times, and remove after. 

✨ Easy to clean: no need to worry about cleaning every nook and cranny like in a traditional slow feeder bowl, the slow feeder attachment is flexible and very easy to clean. 

✨ Durable silicone: our silicone is highly durable and keeps its structure. Please ensure your furbaby does not chew at it, though! 

 Fits all Ollie Bowl sizes: our Slow Feeder is versatile, it works for all bowl sizes! From our Mini to our 64oz! 

✨ Cute colors: In true Ollie Bowls fashion, we mean color! With three fun colors, your slow feeder adds even more color to your Ollie Bowl. 




7" wide and 1.7cm high

Durable silicone  

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The Slow Feeder

Pop this slow feeding in your Ollie Bowl to slow the speed...